Signal Boost: Rebekah Frumkin on Unmaking the “Mad Genius”

Here’s a gorgeous article written by Rebekah Frumkin that covers nuances we overlook when we think about artists, mental health, and bipolar disorder. People with mood disorders deal with stigmas, but one of the oddest side-effects of this stigma is the pressure to be a creative mind and channel that disorder into art.

My main takeaways:

  • Mental health in art doesn’t excuse you from being a dick.
  • Established or financially well-set artists have a luxury of being able to afford in-patient programs.
  • Male artists are more likely to be excused for their madness as creative inspiration, and this enables artists to not seek treatment.

There’s so much more to gain from this longish read. How can you help yourself achieve your creative goals while also staying stable?

Have any insights or quotes that pop out at you?